No Nonsense Personal finance part 3

Carl Dy is a pro real estate representative 
There are certain things that we will gain by owning a property. This is the topic discussed by Carl and I think its very timely. 
You will experience the following: 
1. Capital appreciation. The value of your property in the next 20years will surely beat the inflation. Your property worth 780k way back 1970 can become 15million today in that span of time and this is absolutely possible. 
2. Cash flow. Believe it or not it can become a good source of cash for all of us provided that we study and strategize on how to take care of it. Remember that when you retire you won’t have so much money at all but if you will make your property a rental area you will definitely in a good position because of recurring payments. 
3. Leverage. By simply owning a unit or any property at this very moment it will just take a couple of years before you gain the advantage. This is such a really good investment especially if you are young and don’t have families yet.

David Isaiah Angway is a Financial Evangelist

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