Failing forward

Why should we talk about Failures in life and why shouldn’t just move on. I had a chance to attend a free seminar with big names courtesy of Mr. Henry Ong, the President of Registered Financial planning Institute.

These are my takeaways from the event.

Boris Joaquin owner of Digital Marketing Brand 
When you own up your mistake, when you admit you made a mistake, you begin with surrender but you end up with isntegrity. Boris Joaquin quoting Ken Blanchard 
“Reacting is pointing out who made a mistake, Responding is owning up your mistake” 
“When we made a mistake, don’t just look at the mistake” 
“Remember your passion and why”. 
“When you made a mistake keep that to your sideline, make it as your milestone plus love the learning experience.” 

Jayson Lo Author of Younique  
“Failure is not your Identity”
“Failure is not a person, failure is just an event” 
“Quality questions will change the quality of your life”
“The difference between an average and successful people is their response to failure” 
“You can give even you are negative (monetary)” 

David Isaiah Angway is a Financial Evangelist

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