5 Time wasters of my life

One of the best thing that our God entrusted us is to have 24 hours 7 days a week. Whoever you are and whatever you do we are all equal. Recently I realized that I had lost so much of my time in the past. Here are the list in a non particular order.
1. Sleeping 8-12 hrs a day
I am guilty of this. Everybody loves to rest but the recommended time per person is just 6-8hrs. Exceeding it is going to be a problem especially if you got errands to do or projects that you need to present to your boss. Spending your time is like spending your money. Spending half of your money to the things that’s considered unproductive will make you poor.
Solution: Ring the alarm and do your planning for the day. It will surely change your perspective from now on.
2. Watching  too much koreanovela or number 1 series in america
I love Walking dead or How I met your mother but they never added value to me. I am not killjoy but spending my time to things that never give value to me is like turning on the aircon without me experiencing the coldness of it.
Solution: I normally spend 1 hour or sometimes even less than an hour since I noticed the impact of Tv in my life.
3. Facebook for more than an hour just checking my news feed.
Using Social media too much is taking us away from reality. I used Facebook and I have been hook to it. I still remember that 1/6 of my day was checking my news feed or whether someone already liked my post (c’mon you are also guilty on this) but the turning point was when I realized that I am losing so much time that I thought I can still regain it and still be productive but that old time  was not there anymore.
Solution: Checking my news feed for 5mins is good enough for me now and because I noticed 50% of my friendslist are just posting either the food that they ate or their selfie for the day. Right now you see a generation of Me, myself and I. 
4. Traveling via EDSA 
It is really a torture once you travel via this road. A recent study shows every year Philippines is losing millions of dollars because of too much traffic here at EDSA. My place is only 15 mins away from my work but once you reach the most unholy hour which is 4pm till 8pm weekdays i normally stuck for about an hour or forty five minutes. Imagine the time that I lost instead of spending my time in my crib, I was sitting waiting for the traffic to subside.
Solution: listen to any podcast like (Entreleadership) by Dave Ramsey instead of listening to the latest craze in music.

5. Reading online tabloids (dailymail.co.uk) 
Most of us hate but who cares I love reading. I consider it as my favorite hobby since last year but I learned that gossip news is somehow enticing to all of us. We want to learn more about the latest news about the celebrity internationally or what’s trending worldwide but the downside aspect on this is we normally spend so much time in other peoples lives instead of focusing on how we can improve our lives.
Solution. READ books about the life of Rags to Riches 
Maybe you are currently figuring out how to manage your time properly and even waking up early just to finish all your project is not being helpful you know what to do, you need to change your behavior towards every moment of your time. Remember to plan and write it down. Lastly put actions to it.

David Isaiah Angway is a Financial Evangelist

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