More than Enough

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This is an excerpt from the book More Than Enough of Dave Ramsey
Out of core values, vision is born. Vision is put into working clothes and becomes goals. Shared goals gives you unity with those who are on the journey with you. Values, vision and unity repair broken hope and build your hope into the fuel that fires the rocket of intensity. The rocket intensity is kept between the ditches by accountability and support. The pilot of the rocket ensuring that intensity stays on vision’s course is diligence. His co pilot and navigator are work and discipline. Patience that is born of power has at its center intensity, hope, vision and diligence. You can have real patience without first having those thing and when you have it relationships built and you add yet more unity. Contentment is your vision, gives you different kind of intensity definitely fuels patience, diligence, and unity while born of all those things. Giving is the result of values the vision they bring. Unity is increased by giving cause relationships are affected. You always have hope when pouring your life into something that matter. Part of the great misunderstanding is that somehow giving is the act of someone who isn’t intense or diligent when in fact the opposite is true. Patience and contentment rise to a whole new level of understanding when they bring on giving, which then in turn feeds you much of each of those.
Money is all about your behavior
that’s why money won’t solve
your money problems. – David Angway

David Isaiah Angway is a Financial Evangelist

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