The Heart of Financial Stewardship

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At the heart of 2008  global recession, many individuals were eaten up by two emotional juggernaut namely greed and fear, when you cannot manage both it can paralyze or decapitate your long-term financial success. Like any other financial crisis the self-preservation became the starting point of a longer process of economic recovery. The good news is there’s hope that we can outsmart that thinking by knowing who we are and what character should we learn in handling our finances.
A Christian perspective towards global economy should be different from common people. Your true identity that you need to embrace is  you are a very wise fund manager who properly allocate money not only for your existence but also to use it in a more unselfish ways. You don’t own anything, that big house that you have, those large asset class portfolios, tons of businesses you are managing are just all resources. A simple principle can be found from the first commandment given to Adam (the first man in the book of Genesis)was to manage everything he could see in the garden. Stewardship is more than spending, saving and investing.
Giving is the center of every financial management. If you wanted to change the course of your community and a nation you should also include your money  that you are using as you serve today. Look into the philanthropic activities of those large organizations, the upcoming trend of social entrepreneurship that giving back to our society and environment. These are some good ways of managing funds. As we relate it to your personal finance, learn to give. I recently had a conversation with a highly respectful doctor. He told me that he have investments in different asset class such as mutual funds, stocks, real estate properties and more than enough cash to live but his problem is he still thinks those money are still not enough for him even he’s been frugal throughout his life. I asked him “How’s your giving fund?”, he responded with pure honesty and told me that “I noticed that as I grow older, wiser and earning big bucks I’m becoming more selfish”. Advertisements nowadays says about having more means you’ll be happier but for how long? I cannot blame that doctor, because inside our inner system giving is total counter intuitive.
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Your goal is to maximize your money while you are here on Earth. In a simple context use your funds not just for your pleasure but learn to give and stop using the clench fist financial planning. In God’s economy we are all blessed and no scarcity.  When you practice  being a good manager and conscious  leader definitely you will inspire your followers or even young generations. You will stop a vicious cycle that will free everyone from a self entitled culture. 
Giving your Tithes, supporting worlds missions, continuously funding a non -profit organization to reach wide range of people are outstanding forms of selflessness. Money can be use to sustain wars, build iron towers, create roads and expand the kingdom of God. After all, it can change lives. 
Let us all make poverty a history 

David Isaiah Angway is a Financial Evangelist


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