VIVA PILIPINAS: Salubungin ang bagong dekada ng pag-asa

This blog post belongs to one of my long time friend. It is not about personal finance but a great reminder to all of us.

 In a country where it’s known for corrupt government officials, ranked as fifth with worst traffic in the world, typhoon and flood prone region; and the list could go on. These are just some of the not so good things that Philippines are known for.  I even heard a friend mentioned that she would want to retire to another country because she can’t take living in a ‘third world country’ anymore. This country has no hope, she added.  Is there really no hope for the Philippines?
Of course, I disagreed with my friend when she said that this country is hopeless. But I can’t blame her for thinking that way. With all the negative news feeding her mind every day, it’ll be impossible to not be affected. Nowadays, it’s really difficult and even close to impossible to remain positive in a negative environment.   I’m just so glad that I was born in this country, where people are also known to be resilient. Is being resilient good enough to say that there is still hope for this nation?
I certainly believe that there is hope for the Philippines. Here are some of the reasons to support my claim and what made me so certain that the best is yet to come for our nation.
Firstly, Filipinos are intelligent, gifted, and warm people. We are adored people in the world. We are the most wanted when it comes to nursing care industry in other countries. Not only that, Pinoys are known for great talents; whichever field it may be. We are also one of the most hardworking & most flexible people in the world. Wherever we are in the world, we blend with them. If every Filipinos will only know that and start to think that we are smart enough instead of pity partying, we might be the most progressive country in South East Asia.

Secondly, Philippines is continuously experiencing economic growth. I read in one news article that we are the 2ndfastest growing economy next to China. Isn’t that good enough reason to stay in our country? I also heard from news that Philippines is progressing as a tourist-friendly economy, which made me so happy, because I’m a traveler myself. I’ve been to other nations but this country is just so rich with more beautiful natural resources and scenic spots.

Lastly, and the most important for me, this is a Christian nation.
“Pinagpala ang bayan na ang Diyos ay ang Panginoon. (Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord- Psalm 33:12)” – a verse printed on our peso bills.

Being the only known Christian nation in the world is already a great source of hope, and with laws that are governed by the supreme authority which is the Lord Jesus Christ. That has made realized that I’m really blessed that I am born in this nation. Personally, I believe in the One who is higher and above all things, who is sovereign and who is in control. His will is always good, perfect and pleasing. That’s why I believe that greater things are yet to come for the Philippines.

But, we, the Filipinos are entrusted to fulfill that promise. Our actions and words play a big role in fulfilling the dream or best state for our nation. It’s time to stop ridiculing our government. Instead of cursing, start blessing our politicians. If you haven’t prayed for the leaders of our country, you can do that now. It is your choice, are you going to be part of those group of people who are ‘negatrons’ about this country? Or are you going to be part of the change for improvement of our dear nation? So, who are you going to be?
Vannilyn Alegre was a former senior corporate hiring specialist of one of the largest bank in the world today.
She’s currently working as an Executive Vice President of their family business.

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