15 Questions you need to ask yourself about your personal goals

Life is all about possibilities that’s why asking questions are relevant as we grow and nurture ourselves. 
When it comes to handling your finances you need to ask great questions so you can have liberty to dream 
again. The impact of questions will surely be changing and challenging your existing perspective now.

Goals should be outcome oriented; Stephen Covey said “let us begin with the end in mind”. When it comes
to your growing knowledge in finances you need to understand and focus on what is really relevant.
Here are the questions you need to ask yourself.

      Focusing on the End Goal:
1.      What is it that you really, really, really want? Dig deeper…
2.      What is the SPECIFIC goal or outcome you’re looking for?
3.    What is the REGRET for you of NOT achieving your goal?

Aligning with your Core Values:
4.    Is this goal in line with your life vision, mission, overall life-plan?  (Don’t know – what does your gut tell you?)
5.    Is this goal in line with your values? (if you are not sure about it, Ask yourself what’s REALLY important to you in life – will this or that goal help you achieve more of it?)
6.    Are these goals something YOU truly want, or are they something you think you SHOULD have or SHOULD be doing?  (Tip: If it is a SHOULD, it may be someone else’s dream…)
7.    When you think about your goal does it give you a sense of deep contentment or ‘rightness’, happiness and/or excitement? (If so, these are good signs that it’s a healthy goal.)
8.    If you could have the goal RIGHT NOW – would you take it? (If not, why not? What are the problems out there?)
9.    How does this goal fit into your life/lifestyle?  (Time/effort/commitments/who else might be impacted?)

Identifying Obstacles:
10. Can YOU start & maintain this goal/outcome?  (ie. Do you have grit to complete control over achieving the project?)
11. How will making this change affect other aspects of your life?  (ie. What else might you need to deal with?)
12. What’s good about your CURRENT SITUATION? (ie. What’s the benefit of staying right where you are?) Then ask, how can I keep those good aspects while STILL making this change?
13. WHAT might you have to give up/stop doing to achieve this goal?  (Essentially, what’s the price of making this change – and are you willing to pay it?)
14. If there was something important around achieving this goal (to help you succeed, or that could get in the way) that you haven’t mentioned yet, what would it be?

15. WHO will you have to BE to achieve this goal? (ie. Friends or families that will be with you ups and down)

David Isaiah Angway currently helps young, urban and educated millennial (Gen Y) set and achieve their
long-term financial goals by educating them about investments, asset allocation, risk management, 
retirement planning, and estate planning. His role as a financial planner is to find ways to increase the 
client’s net worth and help the client accomplish all of his/her financial objectives. 

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