Irrational Behavior at ANC On the Money by David Angway

These are the things that I shared to our televiewers when we talked about irrational behavior towards personal finance.


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 Your finances will be in a bad situationif you don't stop chilling with the wrong people (17)


David Isaiah Angway is a RFP and a financial consultant for IT-BPO-Banking, HealthCare Industry and Manpower Agencies. He is a conference speaker and was featured in ANC On the money, Bloomberg TV Philippines. He is also columnist at BusinessMirror, Rappler, and MoneySense magazine. He is a licensed nurse and a former Senior Fraud Specialist of the largest bank in the world, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

He is the CEO and founder of WinLongTerm Financial Consultancy, helping young urban and educated millennial (Gen Y). It sets and achieves their long-term financial goals by empowering them through behavioral finance.

For more information and concerns subscribe to Facebook page or contact me at, here’s also my mobile number 0925-787-7796

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