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23 Reasons I joined Sun Life financial and WHY you need to be part of it

Are you tired of your current job and lost the passion that once was there? Waking up early in the morning is a lazy idea in doing the same old routine? Getting fed up of politics inside your office? Is your situation every payday frustrating because you have more expenses than salary? These are some of the things that you might be experiencing at the moment that you want to get away with. If you want to have a breakthrough and a change of doing the same old thing again, here are some of the essential things that made me swerve my gears into something more productive and beneficial. It was the reason why I chose Sun Life Financial, hope you could benefit from it as well the way I did!




  1. The organization is all about fun!-For the last couple of months of staying with Sun Life I saw how they run the business. They make sure everyone in the team enjoy what they are doing. You could sense that despite of having friendly competition with each advisor the spirit of camaraderie and good rapport is still present inside the workplace. They see to it that everyone will take part in inspiring, motivating and bringing out the best of each one’s potential .Making it a point that inside and outside the workplace a happy and positive vibe is always present.


  1. The core values reflects mine – Having integrity in doing your business is the gold standard, nothing beats the fact that you are saving people’s lives and value the mission.



  1. The CEO belongs to the top 10 most influential women– I want to be part of the winning team. The captain or the leader of the organization understands her role by setting new heights and direction every year. Thus, I want to make sure that I grow constantly as well. Break barriers and give myself a chance to learn more.


  1. Diversified people – It represents different kinds of people walking in a different phases of life. As a registered nurse and registered financial planner, imagine the experiences, insights and motivation I can get and exchange with my colleagues. Having teammates from BPO, accountants, IT professionals, doctors, ballerina, pharmaceutical agent, management consultant and HR practitioner, full time housewife and even retirees and so on, it’s like being in a dream team.

  1. We communicate honestly and consistently-Not all financial companies are credible and trustworthy. Every one of them claims they are number one and oftentimes promises a lot of things to their clients. They offer the best of things they could deliver on the table but failed to keep it up. In other words, all the advertisements and sugar-coating words they say on their campaigns were all half-baked truths which frustrate not only their clients but also their advisers, stakeholders and most of all their sales organization. Sun Life Financial always walk their talks.


6. You are your own boss – I had a long stint with an international firm as a Senior Fraud Specialist and being part of a corporate world is such a privilege. Let us admit it, with the routine and silos happening, it keeps you from growing more. Being your own boss is like being the CEO of your organization. You sign your own paycheck and you only work with someone whom you like and love, which leads to higher productivity and reduce stress. Most importantly, you will earn the best and quality time with your own family.

7. You can earn beyond your current compensation – After getting out from the corporate world and did financial coaching to a couple of major companies I realized it would be better for me to explore new industry. The Insurance industry can give you fortune by helping millions of people. Every time someone ask me if I would like to be a millionaire, my constant reply is either help a millionaire or help millions of people achieve their success, the way how you give value to your clients can bring you a better compensation.

8.You work as a team – I strongly believe that being highly interdependent can help you in reaching your career and financial goals. Sun Life Financial makes your life easier by using leverages such as using other people’s time, talent, organizational structure, marketing and competitive products to help you save more people from the cycle of potential disaster.


9. I am saving family, organizations and communities – Our Company’s mission and vision is to bring the Filipino people to their feet and change their family tree. Imagine all the Filipino people invest and save regularly thru Variable universal life products, traditional insurance plan and mutual funds. These are going to be good for the country, companies and for them since everyone is helping each other. Many people are afraid in losing their hard earned money by investing to stock market, but in Sun Life we can help them ride the stock market without their funds wash away in the next couple of minutes.

10. It instill leadership in you – I love being with different types of leaders, I want to learn more from them and that’s a fulfillment for me. Although leadership is not a position but a mindset, our organization value coachable individual who plays like a sponge. The fact that I hang out with them gives me confidence and humility. Leaders in the organization value growth not just the money.


Leadership and Synergy Concept Illustration : A number of Swans flying against a Evening Orange sky background lead by a big dark leader swan

11. Employer of the year – Being recognized as the most respected employer in the industry redefines the level of achievement as an organization. It validates the fact that Sun Life is doing what they promised to all the stakeholders (community, branch, employees etc). I want to be with the winning team, organization, and system. Without those 3, it will be a disastrous company.





12. 120+ years of serving people – Before, I don’t trust any company; it takes a lot of courage and confidence for me to do that. When I became a part of this organization it felt like I am at home. I do not know anybody who was part of it back then and out of curiosity I researched and know more about the company. As the first insurance company having high net promoter score (brand awareness) in the country my doubts simply went away. The long years of service which speaks credibility and trust is something to be proud of.

13. Ethical approach – Business principles in doing your business are the core on how you measure success. The reason why recession happened is due to unethical practices that many companies tend to overlook. In Sun Life, anti-money laundering is seriously being implemented, every transaction must be well filtered to avoid bankruptcy and maintain the well-being of every stake holders (clients, employees, branches etc.)

14. Free quality Trainings – When I joined Sun Life I undergone a lot of trainings and need to pass a licensure exam to be legit and credible. You need to be certified to prove your competency. Sun Life made it sure that everyone in the organization were well-informed, reliable and competent   in carrying the company’s brand name. At the age of fraudulent activities, we need professional financial advisors who can restore the faith of mankind to the insurance and investment industry.

15. Perks of travel – One great thing working in Sun Life is the perk of travel. Travelling can give you a glimpse and brings insights about the culture of every country you visit. The experiences you will have are something one cannot buy. Corporate world won’t give you this much unless you are already the Very Important Top Officer of the organization. At Sun Life everyone has the privilege to enjoy the perks of free travel (for example if there is a campaign and one meets the criteria of such challenge), thus giving back to everyone who paved and work their way to be the best among the rest.

16. There is no stagnation – In a corporate world one settled for mediocrity and making it as a comfort zone, at Sun Life everyone is encourage beating their old self. Meaning, you need to find ways how to execute efficiently and be more productive .You will have a yearning desire to help more, improve leadership skills and grow your money.

17. Raises the bar of your mindset – Success is very relative and being in Sun Life we have a winning culture and implementable system which challenges you to set the maximum level. You will liken yourself into a rocket ship which sores high to the horizon. Comfort zone is not our thing but increasing our market share is our major goal.

18. Very competitive products – This organization cannot help you unless we do not have any competitive products. Hundreds and thousands of policies were bought last year by our clients and continue paying it because we have variable plans which suited them and their budget. Sun Maxi link prime and Sun Fit and Well have a very great advantage.

19. Worldwide Influence– Sun Life is not only located here in the Philippines but in many parts of the world, to name some from Canada, USA, United Kingdom, China, Bermuda and many more. To those who have no idea, Sun Life had been here since 1895 prior to the Independence Day.

20. Strong financial scorecards – I am proud that for the last 6 years Sun Life is the only organization in the financial industry, which had been on the top, keeping and maintaining their position as number one.


21. High valued people have faith in the organization –Philanthropist, respected Politician, award- winning singers and actresses and CEO’s patronize our product. School owners, small and medium business owners, Phil. Stocks exchange companies, accountants, network marketers, OFW’s believe and have faith in the power of our core mission and visions of the future.

Credits to Sun Life Philippines




22.We love part time employee but have a full time mindset –One of my friends who just gave up his career as a Starbucks employee was able to double his earnings and working on the dream of his life when he joined Sun Life Financial team. Sun Life opened the doors for him to many opportunities of increasing his wealth and productivity.”Living a life with no excuses can bring you to the right organization”.

23.Monday meetings are the best –Our Empress Branch in Frabelle, Makati make it a point that we have a weekly meetings wherein financial advisors are welcome to participate, share their ideas and motivate everyone to be at their very best. The leader’s board of Empress branch are posted  where everyone could see is a way for us to cheer up and be motivated because we can feel the relevance of our duty to the community. It also addresses anonymity since we are giving recognition to our team members who worked hard, met the criteria and increases their value as part of the team. Silos (politics) are not welcome here only creative collaboration exists.


Do you want to be part of Sun Life Financial or you can’t wait how to be a professional financial advisor? Let us help you grow your career, earnings and leadership skills. Send me a message at


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