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4 lessons I learned being an express tour guide

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Providing guidance is a sacred calling. I had a chance of taking care of these lovely ladies to different area in Manila (Philippines) Being a tour guide is not a joke.
Here are my top 4 lessons I learned when you need to accompany people from other parts of the nation/globe
1. Always be ready with your answers
You got your itinerary with you and you know the location even you are not a pro make sure to be excellent with what you are doing. Provide answers to different questions and give them a historical emphasis why this place matters a lot. Don’t just bring them to the mall and show them how good is that because there is also a large mall in their place.
2. Be sensitive to their needs.
Never forget that you are also in charge to their safety and security. As a tour guide this is a must factor. Every thing that they need must be available and you should know whether they need something else especially when they are thirsty or hungry.
3. Be ready when something unusual happen
The last 3 hours of the tour ended up with a bang. As a man and a tour guide you need to understand that you are the compass to the ladies you are with. Never ever assume that they already knew exactly the location of the airport because that Is your primary responsibility too. Always be calm and never ever lose your composure. Anger will not give you anything but will surely cost you something.
4. Remember to be grateful no matter what happen.
Regardless whether you flunk or passed as a tour guide you need to recognized that it happened for a reason. Gratefulness will changed your perspective towards things. It will give you something to ponder instead of blaming or killing yourself with what happened just choose to be happy and move on. Please make them feel welcome and leave a lasting impression to the visitor.

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David Isaiah Angway is a Registered Financial Planner and a Financial Evangelist

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