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The ultimate advantage of homeschooling your child



When people learn that I am homeschooling my daughter, the reactions are extreme. I either get polite smiles, get bombarded with questions, or I am called a “super mom.” There are a lot of myths and wrong mindsets about homeschooling here in the Philippines. I understand this because homeschooling is a relatively new concept in this country. A lot of people think that homeschooling is not a proper venue for education as learning is done at home, the students learn at their own pace, and the teachers are the parents.


The usual questions I am asked are:

“Is homeschooling accredited with the DepEd? Is it legal?”

“When do you plan to send her to regular school?”

Not surprisingly, the most controversial question asked is:

“How do you make sure that your daughter gets enough socialization?”




To answer the first question, yes, homeschooling is accredited with the DepEd and is legal in the Philippines. The educational institutions which facilitate homeschooling provide the necessary documents that a child needs in case the parents finally decide to enroll their child to a regular school.


Homeschooling is definitely not traditional and conventional. However, I want to emphasize the fact that homeschooling is an alternative way of education, not just a “trial” period in your child’s educational years. Homeschooling is at par with traditional schools, and in my opinion, even better. Don’t get me wrong. I am not underestimating traditional schools and teachers. I was educated in a co-ed Montessori school throughout my elementary and high school years. Also, I come from a family of teachers. My lola and mom were teachers, my sister is a preschool teacher, my sister-in-law is a teacher, and my husband is a teacher! Teachers are very dear to my heart and I have seen the effort they put into their work just to make sure that the students learn and enjoy.




When I had my first child, I was blessed to be a part of a church community where homeschooling was the norm, and not the exception. I asked questions, I learned from other parents, and I observed homeschooled kids in all ages and sizes. One thing that I noticed was that homeschooled kids were, lo and behold, just like any normal kid! They were generally well-behaved. These kids even excelled in academics, sports, music, arts, and got into good universities. They had no problem with socializing, contrary to what most people think. Thus, when the time came that my eldest had to start school, my husband and I prayed, and decided that she would be homeschooled.


Homeschooling provides a way for parents to build a relationship with their children as they learn together. Lessons can be customized as you go along, depending on the child’s learning style. For instance, if the child is very interested in planets and dinosaurs, these can be incorporated with the Math, English, or Filipino subjects. If the lessons are about community helpers, you and your kids can go ahead and visit the local fire or police department and make them experience their lessons first-hand.



Of course, there will be difficult days. Until now, I have to continually re-learn things and make my explanations very kid-friendly. I am not trained as a teacher professionally so I rely solely on God’s grace. Your patience will be definitely tested especially if the lesson that you are teaching is not your strongest subject. You can hire a tutor if you feel that you are not capable of teaching a particular topic. Also, there are a lot of homeschooling communities, and these families support each other in the journey of homeschooling their kids.


Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 ESV




One thing that made me decide to homeschool my daughter was that I would have a direct influence on her. The key to be successful in homeschooling is by being intentional. This means that you are always aware of the reason of why you are doing something. When my husband and I attended a homeschooling seminar, the first question that they asked was why we wanted to homeschool. I did not even hesitate with my answer. I wanted to be the main influence of my daughter during her formative years. Children are like sponges in the sense that they absorb all the information that is given to them. They imitate and conform to what they see. I wanted to train my kids and set their standards on God’s ways, not on the standards of this world. I wanted to be the first one to answer their questions on topics such as purity, relationships, success, drugs, depression, and other worldly issues, and not give my kids a distorted view on these things. I wanted their foundation to be very strong and rooted in Jesus that when the time comes to let them go, we will not worry about the world’s influence over them.



Of course, homeschooling is not for everyone. However, if you feel like homeschooling is the best option for your child, them I am encouraging you with all my heart. When God calls you to do something, I assure you that He will give you all the wisdom, strength, and grace that you need.




Oliver and Jas de Leon are a faithful volunteer of a community Church in Mandaluyong.

They were blessed with two children

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Top 3 Powerful Lessons That Made A Difference With My Personal Finance

When we were growing up, not every one of us was taught how to handle our finances. The great concept we are told when we were young is to study well, so that we can get a decent work with a good salary to assure our family’s good wealth, our children’s education, purchase our dream car and dream house but, ta-da! Surprise! Unfortunately, a decent job won’t just do it all.

When I started working, I was surprised that even if I already got a high-paying job, finances is still a difficult concern. So here, let me share to you these powerful points that brought change to my personal finance.


A magnifying glass hovering over several words like deceptions and lies, at the center of which is Facts



When we say, “know the facts,” I encourage you to first know your own financial profile. Those who are already in the investment industry are already aware of the financial profile survey usually have to be filled out first before signing up or during signing up for an investment, but more than that we can take part in simple ways to figure out and understand our own financial views and behavior. Let me share to you how I do mine:


Here is an example of a personal monthly budgeting which I also apply with my own finances. In this simple way, I figure out how much I would be spending for a month and to what is it allotted for, also knowing how much I can save or place as an investment it makes me aware and well-informed on how my finances’ flow. I do this every month, making it a habit sustains a healthy attitude and makes wise with my spending. After this, you can now expand your knowledge about investments that are best suitable for you! Engage in facts! Study! Learn! And always know the facts!



Don’t be afraid to make it simple, don’t even make it complicated. You don’t need to be a Math genius to figure this one out. The important thing is that YOU KNOW. It makes you one step ahead to being financially wise.






Now that you are one step ahead, after you figure out the current flow of your finances, it’s time to lay down the things that you want to save up for or you need to prepare for. Considering the table stated on point number one can also give you a timeline of when you could purchase the thing you desire, or when to start your own investment in a specified time only if you keep the discipline of being consistent and sticking to the concept. Let me also share to you these questions that I answer before I plan, purchase or invest on something:


-Do I want it? (If NO, then don’t. If YES then answer the second question)

-Do I need it? (If NO, then don’t. If YES then answer the third question)

-Can I afford it? (If NO, then don’t. If YES, GO! )


But be careful because the third question is sometimes tricky, sometimes we can afford it only if we would compromise something, if you are to compromise something just because of the thing that you are desiring to purchase, DON’T.


Fear concept with word eraser and pencil on white background




It’s okay to be cautious, but if you being cautious is keeping you from possible opportunities to expand your financial wellness, then I believe that is fear. But if you use fear as an advantage and motivation to expand your financial wellness, then you are on a great path!

Fear is normal. It is in our nature, our instinct. If experts aren’t afraid of losing financial wellness, coming up with an insurance, investment and other financial wellness concepts couldn’t have been possible. It is up to you on how you would use your financial fears to your advantage.


Now that you know the facts, and you understand your priorities well, and removed fear out of the guideline, let me leave you with this one simple point that can bring a difference to your personal finance —-




Criselda Dejuras is a Bancassurance Sales Executive at BPI-PHILAM who excels in her work in spreading financial literacy in the country today,

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Abandoning the Middle Class Mindset


By: Dave Monter, RFP – Wealth Coach


The middle class are just comfortable of where they are right now in terms of their finances.

Yes, I did just say that. I hate to break it to you but if you want to be rich, you just don’t settle for what’s comfortable. You go higher than that, you go for extremely comfortable. I get the feeling that some, if not most of you, will have a negative or uncomfortable feeling towards what I’m writing right now. You might say, “Shouldn’t I be contented with what I have?” No, you shouldn’t be contented – you should be grateful for what you have and then strive to have more so that you can be extremely comfortable and be able to help more people along the way. The difference, ladies and gentleman, lies on the purpose of why you want to be rich. The rich think bigger than themselves or their family. They want to leave a legacy.


Reflect on that uncomfortable feeling you just had when you read the things that I just said, such feeling may just be the very reason why you can’t or won’t become rich.

Upon reflecting on the differences between the rich, middle class and poor, I have realized that being in the middle class is a mix of both rich and poor mindsets but that for me is such a dangerous place to be. Why? Because being a middle class, they already have the tendency to be rich but doesn’t want to take that risk or that jump to their next level. At the same time, the middle class have the tendency to be poor, should they sulk longer in what they call, “victim mode”.




You would know if a person is in a victim mode if they do the following (especially with regards to his or her finances):


  1. Blaming – They are very good at the “blame game”. They blame their parents, the government, the weather, the economy, their neighbor, even their pets (just kidding!) for their misfortunes with regards to their finances. My dear friend (I wish), Bill Gates, said it perfectly, “If you are born poor, it is not your fault. If you die poor, it is your fault.” So quit all the blabbering about all the BIR stuff and start taking charge of your finances.



  1. Justifying – They are also good at justifying why they aren’t rich. The most common justification that they use is that “Money isn’t important”. If you’ve heard of this line from someone, most likely that person is broke or just getting by. Money is important. Try paying bills and food with love, honesty and trust. Let’s see where it will take you. If you have negative image of money, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be rich. Time and time again it has been said, money is not the root cause of evil. It is the love of money that is the root cause of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10).



  1. Complaining – What you focus on expands. If you focus on the negative things about your finances such as your debt, you will attract more debt. If you focus on the what’s wrong, all of your energy will attract more of it. However, if you focus on, let’s say, earning more through an additional source of income, all of your energy will focus there. Thus, this gives you more opportunity to earn and eventually pay off your debt.


Upset and angry boy with steam coming from his ears and arms folded concept for anger, frustration and mischief

Upset and angry boy with steam coming from his ears and arms folded concept for anger, frustration and mischief


Letting go of being in the “victim mode” will help you focus on what’s more important – taking charge of your finances. It will not be easy, I tell you. There will be times that you will be shifting back to your default mode. That’s why discipline is needed to hack your brain to focus more on going full out on your financial life. Going back to your default mode is normal, but how long you would be staying there will define whether or not you are on your way to becoming rich. Pass by such feeling, just don’t hang out in that place for too long.


To start rewiring your mindset from that of a middle class to that of the rich, I would recommend that you do the following:


  1. Wake up early – You will be finishing a lot of activities within the day if you do so.
  2. Exercise – Everything around us is energy. If you exercise, not only you will be healthy but you will have lots of energy. Money is energy that is why it is called currency.
  3. Audiobooks – Devour yourself with audiobooks while stuck in traffic instead of complaining how traffic is.
  4. Self-development seminars – Attend and invest on yourself by attending self-development seminars. You can reach out to I Am Plus Limitless Coaches ( or for schedules of these seminars.
  5. Theory of Space – Surround yourself with people who have reached the level where you want to be, who are better than you and who are richer than you. Spend most of your time with them. Pick their brains. Remember what my good pal (kidding) Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” You want to become a millionaire? Start hanging out with them. Do whatever it takes. Join groups, clubs, etc. You’ll be surprised of the results.



Dave Monter is a Registered Financial Planner, has a Diploma in Financial Planning in Australia, and a Life and Wealth Coach.

He used to be your average employee, living paycheck to paycheck until he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He is now an advocate of helping people change their mindset towards life and wealth, in the form of coaching, as he sees the two areas related to one another.

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Important tips behind saving money

Image by Bodyofwife

Personal Finances is not about your money itself but it’s about your behavior towards it. There a tons of reason why people save but the concept of saving is  insanely simple yet not easy to achieve. It will be really hard for someone to save without this big motivation. Imagine yourself waking up feeling lost. A restless wanderer without a purpose. Saving money is like going to the gym knowing you are out of shape, but without the sense of  urgency you won’t even  start doing it. Your why starts with you. No one can push you hard aside from you. I believe that this is the year that you can change your financial life through changing your perspective.
Image by SeanSmith
Clear purpose 
Your why is like the fuel to your car, without it you won’t last. Your aim is to save money for the future endeavor it might be for emergency, business or for a house etc. Try to reflect and ask yourself again and again the reason you need to save some funds. This will not be easy. Again, when you can’t identify your reason that is anchored to your core values it will be harder for you to accomplish goals you have in mind. Successful people know why they’re doing what they’re doing. 
Recommendation: Ask yourself deeply about the purpose of money that you have. Name every single cent, whether it is big or small everything has a purpose. Do this everyday and you will create a powerful habit that will last for a lifetime. Remember when you meet God someday He will ask you “what have you done with the money I gave you?”. 
Luke 16:11 ESV If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches?
This is the backbone of your financial life when everything is falling apart. There will be bumps on  the road. Your dreams will be derail once you don’t have this tenacity inside. After saving for 4 weeks and seeing your savings  account getting bigger you suddenly stop, what a crazy way to loose the momentum you built. After a couple of weeks of  not wasting your money and exercising your patience, you  suddenly cheat yourself with the ultra mega SALE. When your weak will and old habits knocks you down,  try to get back up asap. 
Recommendation:  Learn from you old ways. Create an action plan. Tell yourself that you want to win. You are not average but you are the master of your money and not the other way around.
Proverbs 13:11 ESV Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.
Image by
Decide to be different. When I’m interested with something I go for it but when there are a lot of brick walls in front of me, commitment showing up. Those walls are the symbol of how much you badly need it. It is a matter of life and death. Are you willing to go thru the series of test just to pass that wall or when you face that great wall you just stop and accept it that there’s no way you can go through. Are you willing to act broke so you can be rich?
Recommendation: Do it, desire it everyday. You are committed to win not just today but a lifetime. Consciously fight till the end. 
Image by RichardNewton
2 Timothy 4:7 ESV I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
Image by Archerytrade
The habit of saving money is like an archery contest, you want to hit the bulls eye every time but it will take a lot of adjustment if you are NOT used to it.

David Isaiah Angway is a Financial Evangelist

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