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How can we avoid irrational behavior towards finances?

Hacking your brain to make the best financial decision is not easy as it sounds. Every day we make thousands of decisions from what to buy, eat, dress or watch. Using behavioral economics to shape financial planning in the country is necessary in avoiding biases and intuition that lead to irrational decisions.  Here are the following recommendations in identifying and avoiding such costly mistakes.



Mindfulness – Knowing yourself is the best way to start and observing how you make decisions will bring you to a higher level. If you are considering investing a large sum of money, or you would like to buy or sell your current stocks, it is highly recommended for you to step back, list the cost and benefit of having that decision. Evaluate and see for yourself the good and bad side of jumping into that decision in the long run.


Be a visionary – Most people are currently suffering from myopia (near sightedness) but by thinking and seeing your life 10, 20, and 30 years from now, will give you an advantage. Seeing the lifestyle that you want and able to afford with a disciplined financial plan will help you to avoid expensive mistake and able to manage the risk involve. Compare that with the potential savings over time in your financial plan to help you stay aligned with it. The importance of it was also mentioned by Helen Keller when she told us “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”.


Discipline – Willingness to continue over time will put you to momentum. When you create and maintain an overall financial plan and stick to it no matter what happen, the result is a stronger muscle of willingness that’s helpful when a tougher situation arises such as resisting the temptation of buying that expensive bag that you love or to bail out during unpredictable times, knowing that a buy-and-hold strategy performs better over the long term than trying to time the market. At the same time, discipline also can mean knowing when to sell. Gains and losses may happen over time.



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Schedule it first –Doing nothing at all is often the easiest choice so having automatic savings and investing plan each month for important long term goals will save you so you can retire with dignity. For many, Myopians (near sighted people) they spend their money in different ways as fast as they can on short-term wants with nothing left or worse buried in debt.  Even investors who want to save for retirement or know they should rebalance their portfolios often fail to take action because they never put their plan in a calendar.



Put it in writing – When emotion is up the logic goes down that’s the strategy of some investors work with advisors to set up a written investment strategy that includes scenarios and how they would act under those circumstances. This allows for flexibility within the parameters of a financial plan and helps avoid making decisions based on emotion. For example, the plan is like a playbook, it consist detail action to be taken if the market increased by 50% or went down by 25%. These game plans are not binding agreements but can provide meaningful ways if an investor begins to have uncertainty with his or her long-term strategy.



images (1) life coaching

Get an accountability partner – According to Charles Duhigg “human beings behave well if someone sees what they do, while we behave our worse when no one else seems around”. Our human tendencies tend to go back to our old habit of comfort zone. Doing mental accounting like disregarding savings for an out of country trip while having so much debt with credit card and high interest loans proves to be insane. Find a coach, a buddy or even a community that will help you watch out for your irrationality.



Your finances will be in a bad situationif you don't stop chilling with the wrong people (17)


David Isaiah Angway is a RFP and a financial consultant for IT-BPO-Banking, HealthCare Industry and Manpower Agencies. He is a conference speaker and was featured in ANC On the money, Bloomberg TV Philippines. He is also columnist at BusinessMirror, Rappler, and MoneySense magazine. He is a licensed nurse and a former Senior Fraud Specialist of the largest bank in the world, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

He is the CEO and founder of WinLongTerm Financial Consultancy, helping young urban and educated millennial (Gen Y). It sets and achieves their long-term financial goals by empowering them through behavioral finance.

For more information and concerns subscribe to Facebook page or contact me at, here’s also my mobile number 0925-787-7796

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7 reasons why you need community in transforming your finances this year

Registered Financial Planners
Photo Credits to Henry Ong
Are you having issues in managing your finances such as saving, investing and even getting out from poor spending habits? How about having a hard time making your last year’s resolutions become a reality, such as I will save more and spend less?  There are a lot of people who get scammedso easily because they kept on doing it themselves. I remember an African proverb that says “if you want to go fast, do it alone but if you want to go far, go with others.” We, as human beings tend to seek out friends who match our core values. If you want to transform your finances this coming year never forget the following reasons you need to be a part of the right community.
They expand your vision– Research shows that this group of people will help you to see things differently. When you are starting to manage your finances you would like to set your mind to success because that is primarily end goal. You should win without any shadow of doubt but if you will be with a person who doesn’t see success happening in their lives absolutely you will fail. If you want to see great results, you need to act differently and be with the people who are ahead of the game, success is different to everyone but to be with the same boat with the achiever’s who can see the future is essential. 
They can help you find your personal finance hero – You already made a decision to change the pace of your saving and investing, you also developed a goal how to tame your spendingand have an idea where you are now however you don’t know how to get there. The right community has plenty to offer such as mentoring and leadership. When you are ready to learn something new then look for someone who can walk the talk. As you develop your relationships with them you will get an effective strategies when it comes to investing that can give you advantage among others. 
They give you a sense of support – You are down and trouble making the right decisions. Are you going to buy or sell your stocks? It seems like the economic downturn is making you crazy than ever. In addition to it, you are giving into the peer pressure and you don’t know how to handle the negative vibes from your materialistic friends. This vital people will prevent you from going down but instill hope to do what is right and necessary. I remember that they helped me to prioritize my emergency funds and prevented burying myself in debt. A constant encouragement and consistent modeling help me grew my knowledge, skills and discipline that resulted to a bigger wealth.
They are your accountability partner – You keep on cheating yourself for many years now and you are wasting so much time.  Study shows that when you are tied up with big spenders, your expenses will go overboard but when you have an accountability partner it will give you a sense of responsibility and confidence. Your behavior changes because they remindyou why you need to do the things that you do. Start looking for a friend who can stab you in front and gave you brutally honest feedback.
They promote safe haven – Whenever you are in the right place, you get to feel a sense of security and authenticity. They pushed you to be excellent that can help you attaining your financial goals, dreams and aspirations. They educate and give you insights on how to manage your funds effectively without cutting corners; the right one protects you like a family while wrong group will just push you to their own misery. In a longer perspective wrong community will ask you to spend so much without a blink of an eye and when you are broke they will leave you behind. 
They will grow your understanding about yourself – Being consciously aware about your behavior and identity gives you an edge. Every person is a restless wanderer until such time they find their purpose. You get a chance to simply educate those people who are also hungryfor personal finance strategies. It is also an avenue to share what you have learned to the people who are also part of the family. Personal finance is about values in life and by knowing who you are that means you are having a higher consciousness to do what is right with your finances without being insecure.
It will make the journey way better – Investing and saving is like a marathon because you should do it for a lifetime. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory when you have a community backing you up. Have you seen Manny Pacquiao’s boxing career, without the people walking with him, his coach and team, he won’t survive the training all along. With the combination of your determination, right support group and your skills, sooner or later your net worth will grow exponentially. 
Whether in business or in personal finance the cost of being not connected with the right people will give you more headaches and heartaches, while the benefits of staying in a group will give you a leverage to look at long-term instead of snapshot of life. In addition to it, you can get an access to hi-tech information and hi-touch experiences that they already have. Now, where do you belong?
David Isaiah Angway currently helps young, urban and educated millennial (Gen Y) set and achieve their long-term financial goals by educating them about investments, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning, and estate planning. His role as a financial planner is to find ways to increase the client’s net worth and help the client accomplish all of his/her financial objectives.
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