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13 Money management quotes about debt


Debt is not a sin but stay away from it and you’ll be in a safer place . That is how my relatives shaped my thinking towards debt. You should hate yourself being in debt since you want to be free. Financial freedom should be your priority because you will be in a state of liberty to do anything that you want. When you can’t sleep because you owe someone that means you are  ahead from other people. Here are some of the quotes that can help you change your mindset towards debt.
David Isaiah Angway Is a Financial Evangelist

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No non sense personal finance seminar part 1

Randell Tiongson is such a mentor  to the Filipinos. His advocacy towards financial literacy is totally an exception. Let me tell you a couple of things I learned from him when I had a chance to listen to one of his seminar. 

1 You cannot out give God . Many people don’t believe this thought because it is totally counter cultural approach but let us always remember that there’s no recession in Heaven so start giving now to receive.

2. We are just a steward/manager. A manager doesn’t own anything and we should all know this. As a human being we are eaten by the entitlement principle that we worked for these things so I own all these things. He reminded everyone that we should take care of what we have because God can give and take that away from us in a blink of an eye. 
3. Start changing your money habits. Invest in yourself, ask questions, read books, attend seminars and look for a mentor. These are one of the many ways on how to change our money habits. I also believe that we shouldn’t forget the fundamental aspect of personal finance instead of focusing on the more complex area of it. Start changing your thoughts because your thoughts will become your action and this will became your habits and soon it will surely be your lifestyle. 

David Isaiah Angway is a Financial Evangelist

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