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3 ways how to honor God with your body

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You are not cheap remember that
Our community church had our yearly prayer and fasting. It was awesome because we are believing that we will be experiencing God’s goodness not within the past week but this year we are dedicating our lives to Him. 
In terms of honoring your body you need to know first what does it mean by honor. Honor is giving back the 
Financially speaking i will elaborate more why you will experience victory over finances once you fully understand why you need to also honor God thru your body
1. Get away from the prostitutes 
Recently I just had my tooth removed and my earphone stuck in both ears as I went back home all of a sudden a guy kept on making gestures. I removed one of my earphone and I asked him to repeat what he just told me. He presented his lovely products, soon i noticed plenty of girls around the corner waiting to be hitch worth 300php only. What I did was to flee away from them. I can’t imagine I had an encounter with a “bugaw” a.k.a mamasan in Japanese context. Imagine the worth of medicines that you need to purchase once you get STD’s. Please think with me, see how horrible the feeling of not being able to have sex with your lovely wife because of the fear that she might get what you have. For only 300 php you placed yourself in a deep financial and emotional problem 
2. Do not Drink and Smoke all the time.
Every single day many people die because of poor health but you need to understand that you can make your health improve. The leading cause of death right now is because of hypertension and heart disease. Lung diseases and liver cirrhosis is catching up with this trend. Drinking and having addicted to cigars are not just an overnight problem. Remember that in personal finance if 1 pack of cigar is 20php and you are consuming 7 packs a week multiply it in 4weeks then do it again for 12x 
Here’s the computation 6720 for a year and if you will invest it in a really good mutual funds that has 12% rate for 10 years 
3. Exercise at least thrice a week
Yes I know. It is uncommon but this year c’mon please be serious. Get out from your comfort zone. Try to improve your waistline and time to remove all those fatty tissues that’s covering your six pack abs. 🙂 According to the recent studies with emphasis in research those who manage their health also increase their productivity. I am already doing it and believe me it will also increase my happy hormones that can combat diseases. Less exercise the more chances that you will invite those viruses.
Your body was purchase with a price by the blood of Jesus Christ. 

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David Isaiah Angway is a Registered Financial Planner and highly interested with the topic of behavioral finance

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