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Abandoning the Middle Class Mindset


By: Dave Monter, RFP – Wealth Coach


The middle class are just comfortable of where they are right now in terms of their finances.

Yes, I did just say that. I hate to break it to you but if you want to be rich, you just don’t settle for what’s comfortable. You go higher than that, you go for extremely comfortable. I get the feeling that some, if not most of you, will have a negative or uncomfortable feeling towards what I’m writing right now. You might say, “Shouldn’t I be contented with what I have?” No, you shouldn’t be contented – you should be grateful for what you have and then strive to have more so that you can be extremely comfortable and be able to help more people along the way. The difference, ladies and gentleman, lies on the purpose of why you want to be rich. The rich think bigger than themselves or their family. They want to leave a legacy.


Reflect on that uncomfortable feeling you just had when you read the things that I just said, such feeling may just be the very reason why you can’t or won’t become rich.

Upon reflecting on the differences between the rich, middle class and poor, I have realized that being in the middle class is a mix of both rich and poor mindsets but that for me is such a dangerous place to be. Why? Because being a middle class, they already have the tendency to be rich but doesn’t want to take that risk or that jump to their next level. At the same time, the middle class have the tendency to be poor, should they sulk longer in what they call, “victim mode”.




You would know if a person is in a victim mode if they do the following (especially with regards to his or her finances):


  1. Blaming – They are very good at the “blame game”. They blame their parents, the government, the weather, the economy, their neighbor, even their pets (just kidding!) for their misfortunes with regards to their finances. My dear friend (I wish), Bill Gates, said it perfectly, “If you are born poor, it is not your fault. If you die poor, it is your fault.” So quit all the blabbering about all the BIR stuff and start taking charge of your finances.



  1. Justifying – They are also good at justifying why they aren’t rich. The most common justification that they use is that “Money isn’t important”. If you’ve heard of this line from someone, most likely that person is broke or just getting by. Money is important. Try paying bills and food with love, honesty and trust. Let’s see where it will take you. If you have negative image of money, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be rich. Time and time again it has been said, money is not the root cause of evil. It is the love of money that is the root cause of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10).



  1. Complaining – What you focus on expands. If you focus on the negative things about your finances such as your debt, you will attract more debt. If you focus on the what’s wrong, all of your energy will attract more of it. However, if you focus on, let’s say, earning more through an additional source of income, all of your energy will focus there. Thus, this gives you more opportunity to earn and eventually pay off your debt.


Upset and angry boy with steam coming from his ears and arms folded concept for anger, frustration and mischief

Upset and angry boy with steam coming from his ears and arms folded concept for anger, frustration and mischief


Letting go of being in the “victim mode” will help you focus on what’s more important – taking charge of your finances. It will not be easy, I tell you. There will be times that you will be shifting back to your default mode. That’s why discipline is needed to hack your brain to focus more on going full out on your financial life. Going back to your default mode is normal, but how long you would be staying there will define whether or not you are on your way to becoming rich. Pass by such feeling, just don’t hang out in that place for too long.


To start rewiring your mindset from that of a middle class to that of the rich, I would recommend that you do the following:


  1. Wake up early – You will be finishing a lot of activities within the day if you do so.
  2. Exercise – Everything around us is energy. If you exercise, not only you will be healthy but you will have lots of energy. Money is energy that is why it is called currency.
  3. Audiobooks – Devour yourself with audiobooks while stuck in traffic instead of complaining how traffic is.
  4. Self-development seminars – Attend and invest on yourself by attending self-development seminars. You can reach out to I Am Plus Limitless Coaches (jrvcruz86@gmail.com or maann.barcebal@gmail.com) for schedules of these seminars.
  5. Theory of Space – Surround yourself with people who have reached the level where you want to be, who are better than you and who are richer than you. Spend most of your time with them. Pick their brains. Remember what my good pal (kidding) Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” You want to become a millionaire? Start hanging out with them. Do whatever it takes. Join groups, clubs, etc. You’ll be surprised of the results.



Dave Monter is a Registered Financial Planner, has a Diploma in Financial Planning in Australia, and a Life and Wealth Coach.

He used to be your average employee, living paycheck to paycheck until he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He is now an advocate of helping people change their mindset towards life and wealth, in the form of coaching, as he sees the two areas related to one another.

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Men who built America – 6 characteristics of the King of Oil Industry, J.D. Rockefeller

Image by History Channel

Image by History Channel

The late 1800’s were famous for capitalism where one man can accumulate a large sum of money worth multiple hundred million dollars, and equivalent to a billion dollars today. Before we have the modern innovators of today like Mark Zuckerburg of FaceBook, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Richard Branson of Virgin Corporation, American society back then were struggling after the civil war, they don’t have any source of light in the evening no electricity yet during that time. When the Sun is down, night is the king. A man saw an opportunity to redefine the existing industry. Here are the characteristics of a man who will help you move radically, achieve your greatest potential and push you to the limits. These will focus on social behavior of big people that will help you to become bigger someday.
Incredible work ethic – J.D. Rockefeller came from a very poor family in Ohio; his dad was known con man and also known as a Devil Bill. His dad never supported them and on a mission trying to cheat a lot of people every day to get access to their money.  However, historian says that J.D. Rockefeller needed to quit school and supported his siblings and mom. Stuck in a dead end job, he saw that oil will be the next industry and quit to take chance. He worked his way up from a rank and file employee to a businessman who can compete and eat other existing business thru his excellent thinking and aggressive approach towards making the opportunity happens.
He wants to outwit the competition – I don’t know with you but other people got this feeling of pleasure whenever they outsmart, outwit, and outlast the competition.  He loved winning more than ever.  He killed the competition. Achieving greatness means letting go of your existing belief system and grab that opportunity to create more value to the market. Rockefeller got the 90% share of US Oil market and that had never happened before. His company was considered to be the first monopoly.
Collaborate with people who are smarter than him – Steve Jobs once said that you should hire smart people to work for you; I think he got that from Rockefeller. There are many refineries during his time and it’s really risky for him to invest more but what separates him from the rest was his love for efficiency. Massive oil flakes was being wasted so he teamed up with a scientist that can make the kerosene a lot safer. He is already ahead of the game while other are doing the same thing all over again and again.
Create his way – Successful people don’t wait for the opportunity to come. Their dreams are not going to be handed to them in a silver platter saying that’s your dream manifested. When his rival millionaire, Thom Scott and Vanderbilt discontinue the service that Rockefellers company is providing to the train, he treated it as a sign of war, Now if he’s not going to think differently he will be bankrupt, that’s when laying of pipelines was the only thing he can do, it will put the railroad business out from his oil industry and can get a massive control. After couple of years he was able to do it.
Future Oriented – His tragic life as a kid, a broken family, and the success before never hindered him to play the game of business. He didn’t define his future with his past but he let that to be his motivation to get to the top.  He let those refined him like oil being transformed to create more value to a simple household.
Philanthropy – He became a millionaire and owned almost all the gas stations in America but he remembered that life is not all about accumulating money. He figured too that materialism is the root of all anxiety but giving will ease everything, he and his rival millionaire Andrew Carnegie started to give all their massive wealth to the world till the end of their lives. 
Your finances will be in a bad situationif you don't stop chilling with the wrong people (17)
 D  David Isaiah Angway is a RFP and a financial consultant for IT-BPO-Banking, HealthCare Industry and Manpower Agencies. He is a conference speaker and was featured in ANC On the money, Bloomberg TV Philippines. He is also columnist at BusinessMirror, Rappler, and MoneySense magazine. He is a licensed nurse and a former Senior Fraud Specialist of the largest bank in the world, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

      He is the CEO and founder of WinLongTerm Financial Consultancy, helping young urban and educated millennial (Gen Y). It sets and achieves their long-term financial goals by empowering them through behavioral finance.

 For more information and concerns subscribe to winlongterm.com Facebook page or contact me at david@winlongterm.com, here’s also my mobile number 0925-787-7796


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