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Poverty is not a hindrance in entrepreneurship.

Written by Adrian Pascual

For a developing country like the Philippines starting a business can be a big challenge. That is of course is an understatement. The need for capital to start a business is not the most important thing to have though. There are far more important things to possess than a stack of cash. Here are the top 7 most important things one must have before one enters into entrepreneurship.



 Be a dreamer.

“Dare to dream the impossible. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their

dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


One sure way to fail in life is to fail to see the big picture. Only through dreaming and dreaming big will you be able to have a clearer vision of the market and for you to plan for your company’s future.



Be a doer

Have the Nike attitude of just doing it. Don’t just dream. Hustle!

Only through acting on your dream will you know the true outcome of your idea. Test your assumptions and discover new things about your idea and about yourself. This is vital in your entrepreneurial journey. You grow not by the successes you will have but by the mistakes you commit.





Be passionate

Be committed on your goal. Have a laser like focus on your goal. To achieve it do the following:


Plan – thoughtfully your business and it will most likely succeed. This will help you know what needs to be done and what goals and milestones to achieve.


Execute – the idea and execute it fast. As the saying goes; not a single idea has never been thought of by another person. The measure of success is not on how good the idea is but on how it was executed.


Adjust – or pivot as many time as needed.


Kill it – good or leave it. Don’t just try. Give it your all.


You will commit many mistakes and you will go through many ups and downs as you progress in your pursuit of success. These are important moments in your journey as important as the milestones you will achieve. Be relentless in your actions and be in the PEAK of your game. Always.





Be a people person

Network, network, network.

The lifeblood of any business are the customers. But before you get to that point when you are selling your products or services you need to connect first with people. Be it for future business partnerships, marketing, sales or mentoring the need to connect with different people is vital on your growth as an entrepreneur and of your business.








Be disciplined. 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Many entrepreneurs have the best business ideas but failed miserably because they can’t execute their plans or they can’t handle themselves in the middle of the journey. Mental toughness is key in entrepreneurship. The need to act on things must be tempered with a disciplined mind. You will encounter many problems, setbacks, opportunities and situations where you would need to choose which best action to take. Like choosing between: Saving vs. Spending or Expanding vs. Waiting. The ability to see things with a long term perspective in mind is something that one must develop over time.




Be hungry for knowledge.

Learning never stops.

Read as many books as you can. Watch documentaries. Enroll in short courses. Attend all seminars and conferences you can. Google as much as you can. Get a mentor to guide you.

Smiling human child hand listening deaf ear gossip

Smiling human child hand listening deaf ear gossip



Be a good listener

It is not about you. It is ALWAYS about your customers.

Build products that your customers need and will use or don’t build at all. Innovate based on the needs of your customers. Interview the right people and build your Minimum Viable Products through the gathered insights. This way you can save a lot from the process or not spend at all.


There are many ways to start a business without even having to shell out a capital. You can start a Consultancy Services company, Make something (like arts and crafts), Be Fashion & Beauty stylist, Babysitting services, Cleaning services or Sell old stuffs. Be creative in finding ways to start a business without having to spend much.

Sure, we need money to fuel the business. Heck to start it. But starting a business without the proper mindset and preparation is as bad as being broke. Poverty is not a hindrance but a challenge one has to overcome. A clear goal with the proper mindset and motivation are the vital tools one needs to succeed.




Adrian F. Pascual is the Director and Founder of AP Media Communications, a business development consultancy company aimed at helping MSMEs’ grow and reach their full potentials. A man who wears different hats, he uses his extensive years of experience in the fields of Financial planning and management, Customer Service and Fraud Prevention, Client Relations and Retention and Sales and Marketing to help build and expand different companies. His advocacy is to build an ecosystem of socially responsible startups in the Philippines that will address the different issues in the society using modern technology for maximum impact. He also does professional copy writing for some of the top international news,business and lifestyle online publications.


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Financial Strategy for Passionate Travelers


Travel is one of the best ways to learn. You get to see and explore places, experience cultures, feel adventures, meet interesting people and get to know more of yourself in every journey. I got fascinated by postcards as a child, and I promised myself to get to these places when I found a good job and started earning money, which I did and still do.

We can’t deny the fact that travel costs us our hard-earnings but it won’t necessarily be, only if we know how to budget, plan, and spend wisely.



The more we travel the more money we need to sustain it. This is the thinking that hinders us from fulfilling our dreams to see the world, which is absolutely true. Some thinks they can’t afford it because of their income level. Some believes that working very hard at young age and travel when rich is the most suitable. But the questions are; when are they going to be rich and start to travel? By the time they are rich; do they still have the energy and enthusiasm to explore? Travel doesn’t define how much earnings we do nor knows age, for it applies for people who have greater view of the world.




The only differences are the enthusiasm and energy. Most people who travel on budget at young age take the most out of their journeys due to minimal limitations. They have all the energy to move everywhere on foot and do almost everything out of nothing. They experience the most adventures!

I have been traveling both domestic and overseas for 8 years now to earn experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Memories that will make us smile reminiscing, when our knees can no longer endure long journeys. I did it, and so can you!





I am writing this blog to help people set a better planning with their finances for travel funding to fulfill their dreams too. I also share my strategy and formula backed by some financial research I did few years ago which I proved myself to be very effective. It only needs control and determination to save the target funds we need.


Income vs. Expenses

Income – Expenses = Remaining Funds

Income is the money obtained through employment, business and other assets.

Expenses are the outflow of funds from income which includes all sorts of bills, food, shelter and other liabilities.

Remaining funds is the difference between income and expenses.


Remaining Funds

%20 Savings

%10 Investments (Stock Market and etc.)

%10 Emergency Funds

%60 Travel Funds


Assuming I only have 1 source of income through my employment earning 20,000php a month.

Income = 20,000php

Expenses = 11600

  • Electric Bill = 1500ph
  • H2O Bill = 500php
  • Monthly Allowance = 5000php
  • Cable = 600php
  • Food = 4000php


Income – Expenses = Remaining Funds

Remaining Funds = 8,400php

  • %20 Savings = 1,680php
  • %10 Investment (Stock Market and etc.) = 840php
  • %10 Emergency Funds = 840php
  • %60 Travel Funds = 5040php


I have 60,480php accumulated by the end of the year for my travel without compromising my savings and other necessities.



The information above related to finances are based only on my own understanding of the books I read, I researched and formulated a long time ago, which I applied to myself and proven to be successful for travel funding in the past 8 years.

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