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11 reasons why you need to have Variable Universal Link while you are 20’s

When you reach your 20th year in this world, you might be wondering what to do with your first paycheck or how to grow your money while you are earning from your monthly salary and your side gigs. Good news is you have a lot of great options and the best option is you can enjoy the 3 in 1 financial vehicle. This is the VUL also known as Variable Universal Life. If you are not really familiar with this financial tool let me take you to the benefits of having this newest technology in personal finance.

  1. Take advantage of the time – If Piolo Pascual is already a pensioner at the age of 40, you can also retire during that time as long as you start this year. The importance behind it is you need to have a commitment to grow your money while you are still young. Planning is very important as early as now and execution must be in sync with your dream goals.

  1. Combo of an insurance with investments – Many people would like to get into investments but it will be a disaster to put all your money into stocks, real estate or even forex if you never set up your safety net which is emergency funds and insurance. But having a VUL can give you that liberty. The higher your fund value, the greater guaranteed death benefit as well. You can also add an additional rider such as Critical illness benefits or Health insurance benefits.

  1. Professional Management – Are you afraid that you will lose every money that you put into these investments; you should not worry at all. The person who is in charge in driving your fund is a well research, data driven and been a fund manager for many years. If you put money into stocks, you can loss as much as negative 70% in a day, if you can take that, it’s fine but if you have a conservative type of investor get into manage funds.


  1. Diversification– In order for your money to gain is quite simple, never put all your eggs in one basket like what the old saying goes. That will enable your funds to grow faster especially there are tons of risk and political noise. When investors hear all those noises the usual reaction is flee from those investments who are at so much risks and you may experience losses that are detrimental to your money that’s why understand the value of spreading your money.


  1. Flexibility – You can choose the purpose of your funds whether it’s for your retirement or for your child’s education. This can give you an ideal way to secure your future.


  1. Access – You will have the opportunity to see things while your money is growing thru online. It will give you an intangible reassurance that your money is growing over the years.

  1. Administration – Sun Life is the one that takes care of your money, as a very prestigious company who’s been existing more than 120 years we can make your dreams and goals come true thru making sure that there will be good Return in investments and easier claims.


  1. Transparent Charges – In every investment you need to pay a certain price and In order for you to get to your destination you need to understand that there’s no freebie in life. You need to use existing money to earn money.

  1. Investment Trade off – There are plenty of funds that you can choose as an option. From your risk profile I can help you choose the best for your situation. Before you invest, understand your goals and risk profile and I’ll show you the strategy.


  1. Client is involve – As a client, you are the decision maker, we are just your tour guide. I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t tried yet. Financial advisor must give you insights and the pros and cons of your decision if and when you choose to make some alterations in your investments.

  1. Within your budget – You may say that you don’t have money yet but we can create a plan that’s according to your budget since we would like you to win long-term for your family.


David Isaiah Angway is a Registered Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Advisor and a financial consultant for IT-BPO-Banking, HealthCare Industry and Manpower Agencies. He is a conference speaker and was featured multiple times in ABS-CBN News Channel show called On the money, Bloomberg TV Philippines First Up, Morning show of NET 25 called Pambansang Almusal, Eagle Broadcasting Company EagleNewsPh Facebook Live and different radio stations in Metro Manila. He also writes for BusinessMirror, Rappler.com, and MoneySense magazine.

He is the CEO and founder of WinLongTerm Financial Consultancy, that help organizations retain their top key employees such young urban and educated millennial (Gen Y) by teaching practical money management in the workplace. You can contact him thru his website winlongterm.com and his Facebook Page @WinLongTerm for more informative ways how to grow your money and secure your family.

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