Feedback from the Participants

“As a senior student, during our seminar session at my senior camp a few months ago, I gained interest on how investments work. I was hesitant at first to approach Sir David after the seminar because I couldn’t think of the right question to ask him. But as I met him one-on-one, I asked him how or when is the best time to start investing? And he advised me “it’s best to invest young, right after college graduation would be the best time”. Here I am now, just graduated BSN, preparing for my NCLEX. His insights and opinions then helped me understand more each day to focus on what is important when it comes to investing. It also helps me plan for my future financial matter. Up to this day, reading articles and budgeting helped me saved money. It’s nice to know where my money is and how it can be used in the future.” – Joy Borromeo Makati Medical Center College of Nursing Alumni

I was able to realize that there are other things matter. Mr. David helped me to be wise in spending money and as a student, I must learn to save money.  JoAn Organizer of the Willy Wonka Event: How you want your money grow           

David has significantly helped us through our thesis paper on Over spending. Our group had an initiative in creating an advocacy campaign proposal on how to counter over spending. Being a fine arts major, I did not have any background on personal finance, David willingly stepped in by giving us practical advice on personal finance and a short background on the types of over spenders. He gave us tips based on his own personal experiences. He gave us simple yet practical advice on personal finance which was easy to incorporate in our own lives.His willingness and passion to educate people on personal finance and share his knowledge on this subject matter is evident even on a short interview we conducted with him. Sarah Jane Casuyon Fraud Analyst, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

During the interview, his testimonials are based on his own experience. And it really made me realize that I should be aware regarding my savings – LeAn a Thesis Leader

Hi sir. I would just like to say that I was really moved by your talk this afternoon. I learned a lot of essential things, especially now that I am looking forward to working and earning. One of my long-term plans is putting up business but my knowledge before was more focused on just “savings,” and you inspired me to take things carefully as to not miss the vital steps that I should take to have a positive outcome. What you shared with us compelled me to have a self-check and to truly evaluate my not just my financial goals but my other life goals as well. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge wit us and it is my prayer that more youth will be inspired by you. It was such an honour to meet you, sir. smile emoticon may God shower His blessings upon you even more. smile emoticon – Yssah (emcee from a PUP Event)   

There were so many things I learned during the talk. One of it is recognizing that there are other people who are better than me. I realized, it will be a big help for me to be surrounded by great people. Their testimonies will be my source to avoid the pitfalls. Thanks to Mr. David because I learned to appreciate the importance of such things. The talk indeed encourage me to be wise on spending money and inspire me how important savings are. Andrea Poblete, President of Student body and 4th Year Entrepreneurial Student

David was able to lay down the necessary facts which enabled me to decide the options that will match my financial goals WinFredo Ya-on, Single Professional

I just checked the plan you made for me. Thanks much! Irealized I need to be really smart in earning and spending. I need to practice and Say no. Christie Jalaron, Attendee at SHEconomics Event.